We Designed Coursedate to Increase your Course Bookings

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A central goal in the design of Coursedate is to build in features that will make it easier for training and course providers to find and enrol more learners.

We want to streamline course creation, course discovery and bookings/enquiries. At the same time we want to encourage course admins to explore the data they collect about courses and bookings and find insights that can further improve enrolments.

How exactly will Coursedate help you find and enrol new learners?

  1. Social sharing - this is an incredibly simple yet important feature.

    sharing with social media

    You should never miss an opportunity to encourage learners to share information about your courses online.

  2. The booking and enquiry processes are simple.

    coursedate booking course

    The standard Coursedate booking process is fast - we capture a minimum amount of information so prospective learners don't leave when they get frustrated part way through a long application process.

  3. The course detail page - where prospective learners find out more about your course.

    We borrowed some ideas from sites like Amazon. For example, we use some smart software to suggest alternative courses to the one you're looking at. We also tell you what courses are popular right now.

    sharing with social media

    Course admins can create rich and enticing course descriptions - they can include images and embed YouTube videos.

  4. Admin functionality for creating and publishing a new course is simple to use.

    You can fast copy a course, do more edits and then release it into the course directory/catalog. That makes it easier to update course descriptions and create future runs of a course - more simple tools so you can focus your efforts on creating a better course browsing experience for your customers/learners.

  5. Simple course analytics so you can find useful insights in your data.

    A key benefit of a course booking system is structured data. It's easier to query data that's organised and stored in a industry standard database. No more trying to consolidate and report on data that's been stored across multiple spreadsheets.

  6. Widgets are another important feature.

    You can embed your course catalog directly into your company/organisation website. You can continue to use your own branding and only transfer people to the booking system when they want to look at a course in more detail.

Coursedate will streamline the way you promote courses and recruit learners. It cuts admin time and liberates you to do other things. You get more control over your data so you can start to explore how people interact with your course directory.

The tools in Coursedate will support you as you build and promote your course or training catalog.

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