The Avanti Schools Trust is now using Coursedate as its teacher CPD platform

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The Avanti Schools Trust is a multi-academy trust of 12 schools based in the south of England (Hubs in Leicester, London, East London and the south west). Avanti has a particularly strong staff development offer, delivered through its own Avanti Institute. The Avanti Institute runs CPD courses for all classroom based staff and has its own School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme for aspiring teachers.

Avanti’s in-house CPD model emphasises both staff choice and personal reflection. In the Avanti CPD model - teachers can build their own INSET day by choosing from a menu of CPD courses. Courses are then delivered remotely as webinars - so teachers from different schools in different locations can come together and do the same high quality CPD courses.

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Coursedate works for the Avanti Schools Trust because:

  1. The Avanti Institute team can use Coursedate to promote CPD training courses - both to internal teaching staff and external partners.

  2. We preloaded all the Avanti teaching staff into the system, so staff automatically have a Coursedate account. That means we could link them to the Avanti Schools Trust without any extra admin steps. Teachers then see an Avanti themed homepage (with CPD timeline).

  3. Teachers can browse through courses, read course descriptions and self-enrol.

  4. Courses are created by staff at the Avanti Institute. There’s now an option in Coursedate to include the link to the associated webinar. Classroom based staff enrol on a course and then get a booking confirmation email that auto saves webinar details into MS Teams.

  5. Avanti Institute staff can manage bookings across 12 schools and multiple courses. They can also see which courses are popular in different schools and share that information with school headteachers. Coursedate saves a lot of admin time.

  6. Avanti’s courses are also open to enrolments from staff in partner organisations. Learners from other organisations can book directly onto the courses in the Avanti Schools Trust course directory.

  7. Coursedate can be integrated - using our widgets - with the Avanti Institute CPD website.

Teachers who book courses now get access to an Avanti themed learner homepage. They see a timeline view that shows courses already completed. They can also add reflections and thoughts about their CPD and teaching. So the Coursedate learner timeline becomes a teacher ePortfolio.

Teacher CPD and Coursedate

Coursedate is an excellent choice for any organisation looking to promote CPD courses to teachers. Its user-friendly interface, seamless integration with existing websites and time-saving features for course administrators make it a standout option. The Avanti-themed learner homepage is particularly well-suited for an educational context, providing a comprehensive platform for teachers to manage their professional development.

The learner timeline feature transforms into a professional growth timeline for teachers, allowing them to track completed courses and upcoming ones with ease. More than just a schedule, it offers a space for personal reflection, enabling teachers to document their CPD journey, set personal goals and record reflections about their teaching practices.

learner timeline

Furthermore, Coursedate serves as a central platform for useful readings, online articles and website links, making it a valuable resource for continuous learning. Teachers can also record all coaching meetings, professional growth conversations and personal development milestones, fostering a holistic approach to their career progression.

Overall, Coursedate not only facilitates CPD course management but also enhances personal and professional growth through its versatile and intuitive features.

Coursedate empowers teachers with autonomy in their professional development journey, offering a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates a professional growth timeline, centralised resource hub and personal reflection space.

— Rebecca Underwood, School Improvement Lead for Teacher Development

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