How to use simple analytics to increase course bookings

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One of the big benefits of an online course booking system is that it automatically organises your data. You build up a central database of information about course views, enquiries and bookings. The data is consistent - lots of values are picked from dropdown lists - and the data is stored in a way that makes reporting much easier. You can begin to look systematically at your course related data to find valuable insights that will really benefit your business.

  1. What search terms are people using when they browse your course directory? Are users looking for courses that don't quite match what you currently offer?

    Another reason to look at search terms is to better understand the language that people use when they think about courses. Maybe people search for 'beginners Japanese', but that's a phrase you don't use when you describe your Japanese Level 1 course. Use insights from search terms to optimise your course catalogue entries for web searches.

  2. What courses do people look at when they come to your site? Coursedate logs views when visitors look at course pages. You can see which courses get most views and then use that insight to make decisions about how you promote courses and what courses you decide to run in the future.

  3. Can you spot trends over time? Does more marketing mean more course views? You want to funnel visitors to your course booking system from other channels - social media, your website, printed materials etc. Coursedate will tell you if traffic to your course pages is increasing.

  4. Are there some courses that get a relatively high number of views, but don't then convert into bookings? Coursedate can show you this. Maybe there are some insights that you can use to improve the way you describe a course? Add a video to the course description, include user reviews or link to some sample course materials.

  5. Marketeers talk about A/B testing. You can do something similar in Coursedate, particularly if you run the course more than once. Use two different versions of the course (courses that run on different dates) and change the course descriptions. Can you see anything that makes a difference to the number of enquiries or bookings you get?

There is value hidden in the data you collect about course views, enquiries and enrolments. Reporting on the data is easier when your data quality is good and it's stored in a secure and organised central database. That is exactly what you get with Coursedate. Our simple course analytics will provide you with insights that you can use to further optimise your course directory and increase course enrolments.

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