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Coursedate will save you time. We've designed Coursedate so you spend less time on the back-office admin of both your course directory and course bookings.

The main dashboard gives course admins an overview of what's happened in the last few days and what might need immediate attention.

Setting up a course and then publishing it in your course directory is quick. The Create a course form is intuitive - you should need training. You can copy existing courses - that saves time - and you can set courses to auto hide in the directory when bookings are full. You can optionally leave a full course in the directory and continue to receive course enquiries.

Online course booking systems like Coursedate take the pain out of collecting and managing customer data. You replace a spreadsheet based system with a single, secure cloud based database.

The data you collect is more accessible and more accurate - it becomes your customer relationship management system. The screens in Coursedate are optimised for ease of use and quick searching. Want to know which learners booked on a particular course? Just go to the Enrolments page and search by course name or code. And if you want to,you can download the results as a .csv file.

Coursedate encourages people to make enquiries through the system. Again, the benefit to you is that you have a single source of data about courses, bookings and enquiries. Querying that data to find new opportunities becomes much easier. That is a significant time saver.

Finally, learners can self-enrol in Coursedate (or you can do it behind the scenes). You don't need to transfer booking information from paper forms or copy and paste from emails. And again the data you collect is accurate - it becomes a reliable source of insight into the interests of your learners/delegates.

Would you like to know more about Coursedate? The best way to find out more is to start using it. Contact us if you would like a free trial.

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