How to publish and promote your courses with Coursedate

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Getting your courses online and open for bookings is easy with Coursedate. Let's take a quick look at what's involved.

  1. You start with the Create a course page. Enter a title and upload a course header picture - the picture matters a lot because it makes a big difference to the way your course looks in your catalog.

    The course title also matters more than you think. We use it to build the course url that appears in the web browser address bar. That's got some search engine optimization implications (SEO). Pick a course title that includes keywords that people might use when searching for courses like yours.

  2. Enter some hashtags. The tags will appear on your course description page. They're useful because we want to encourage people to share your course on social media. Pick hashtags that you think will make sense to people who want to search for your courses or share them on social media.

  3. Your course needs a short description - just 2 or 3 short sentences. A short summary description needs to be effective. The course code is also important. It can be a combination of letters and numbers.

  4. The full description and outcomes boxes are where you can put more detail about your course. Both boxes support Markdown - that's a very simple way to format text. So you can add paragraphs, sub headings, bulleted lists etc.

  5. You can also optionally add sessions. You might have a course that runs over more than one day and you might want to provide information for each session - times, venue, things to bring etc.

  6. Courses can have more than one cost in Coursedate. For example, you might have a discounted option or a free option.

  7. Finally there are some checkboxes that control when your course appears in your course catalog and what happens when the course is full.

What happens when your course is published? Coursedate course pages are a little bit like Amazon product pages. We want people to engage with your course and hopefully click the 'Book Now' button, but if they are still looking for a course, we want to keep them in your course catalog for as long as possible.

These Coursedate features work to promote your courses:

  1. Similar Courses - each course overview page comes with a list of similar courses, the same topic/course area on different dates.

  2. The 'You might also like' and 'These courses are popular right now' sections suggest other alternatives.

  3. Your own top level categories, your hashtags and the free text search box make it easy for people to browse your courses.

  4. Your Coursedate catalog is optimized to work on mobile phones. We know that by default many potential learners browse courses on a mobile device.

Coursedate is a great way to showcase your courses. The best way to find out more is to start using it. Contact us if you would like a quick demonstration or a free trial.

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