How to find the best online course booking software for your training company

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So you have decided to take your course bookings online. Here are some important features you’ll need to make sure you’re choosing the right course booking software for your company.

A simple-to-navigate directory of courses makes it easy for your learners to find the courses they’re interested in.

  • Look out for search bars, categories and filters;
  • Suggested courses alongside each course will help learners find exactly what they’re after, or other courses they’re interested in, increasing the number of enrolments you take;
  • Sticky overview page can recommend the courses that are currently popular, saving learners time while searching for the courses they are looking for;
  • The ability to apply for courses online will massively speed up the process – no more long forms or phone calls.

The ability to customize your booking system to make it your own will help build your brand and keep the booking system relevant to you. You want to:

  • Be able to add your logos, strapline, and descriptions;
  • Create your own categories based on the courses you offer;
  • Come up with your own email templates, that can be automatically sent out in responses to course enquiries and applications;
  • Be able to integrate or embed the booking system on your own website - that will encourage more people to browse through what you have to offer.

To save time, you want a booking system with as much automation as possible, look out for:

  • The ability to schedule when courses are published on the directory;
  • An auto-hide feature for courses that are full;
  • A way of quickly copying courses for new start dates;
  • Data capture of enquiries and enrolments, immediately indexed in an easy to use database of all your learners.

Finally, you want an efficient and informative backend to the system, to give you as much insight as possible into what is working well and what isn’t.

  • You want all all your data in one place, so there is no more fumbling about with endless spreadsheets;
  • Easy to keep track of new enquiries and enrolments.

Charts and analytics are also really useful. They can help you spot trends, see what’s popular, see which courses have the most clicks to enrolments and see popular search terms that suggest gaps in the courses you are offering.

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