How to sell more courses online with course booking software

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How can you use course booking software to increase your course bookings? What can you do to sell more courses?

Use a course booking system like Coursedate and you get two big benefits:

  1. You save time - that frees you up to be less reactive and more strategic.
  2. More of your data is in one place (and it’s better quality data).

It’s possible to leverage these 2 benefits to increase your enrollments.

Ideas to help you sell more courses

Here are some ideas - all relatively quick wins that don’t require a lot of expertise or extra budget.

Make sure your course overview pages look great. That sounds obvious, but think about Amazon product pages and how much thought has gone into the way those pages work. They are your shop window.

Here’s a course overview page in Coursedate. There are some specific things that make it more effective:

  • A short, clear description.
  • Photo - makes a big difference.
  • The main description uses short paragraphs, the formatting is consistent with the rest of the page.
  • Suggests other courses that might be of interest (keeps the prospective learner on the site).

Coursedate course page

Pick a social media channel - probably Facebook or LinkedIn - and use it to build an audience. Encourage staff and course delegates to share course pages. Make it easy for learners and students to share positive reviews of your courses.

One social media channel makes sense - persistence matters and you may not have the bandwidth to do two. LinkedIn has more of a business audience and it might look like it should be your default first choice, but what about Facebook? At first glance it might not look like it fits with your target market, but your learners will be on Facebook.

For example, suppose you’re a training company that specialises in H&S and First Aid. Can’t you build a company Facebook page that includes free advice, guidance and tips?

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