5 ways you can promote your training courses online

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There are some simple things you can do to promote your courses and increase bookings/enrolments. They're not complicated and most are based on things we can learn from successful sites like Amazon or YouTube.

  1. Get people talking about your courses and encourage them to make recommendations. Word of mouth is still important. Make it as quick and easy as possible for people to share your course directory pages on social media. Every time someone views a course or enrols on a course they should see social media sharing links.

    sharing with social media

  2. Maximise the impact of your website or online course directory. Create interesting course descriptions. Think about how product pages work on Amazon. A product page on Amazon has pictures, a product description, user reviews, answered questions, social links and similar product recommendations. Build in stories about people - case studies, what people did next, positive reviews. Remember, people - users reviews, answered questions and what 'customers bought next' - are an important part of the Amazon browsing experience.

    sharing with social media

  3. Provide free content that people find before they decide to enrol on a course. Almost all training providers can create some free content that people will use before they decide to go the extra step and get some face-to-face training.

    Language schools are a great example - free resources, exercises or perhaps a free online course. It takes time to create this kind of content, but it will bring people to your website/online training directory.

  4. Target your audience with Facebook ads. Spend 20 minutes looking at how Facebook ads work. Most people are surprised at just how much control Facebook gives you over who sees your ads. Can you segment your market? Think carefully about the sub groups within your target audience. Is it worth targeting some of those sub groups with Facebook ads?

    sharing with social media

  5. Use video where you can. YouTube is the biggest online learning platform the world. It's the first place many people go when they want to teach themselves a new skill. Video is technically easy to produce and share and there is plenty of advice on the web on how to do it well.

    Can you add video to your course directory pages? Don't let small technical hurdles get in the way of good creative ideas. People respond to video.

Marketing doesn't have to be expensive, but you do a plan and you do need to be smart about organising your target audience into smaller groups, running campaigns and then using data (where you can) to track progress and outcomes.

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