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Online course bookings for individuals and groups

Both learners and your admins can book courses. The online course booking form is simple to use and quick - it takes only a couple of minutes to book a course.

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Allow learners to self-book onto courses

The course booking process is optimised to be as quick and easy as possible.

Coursedate’s mobile-first design also means it is as easy to book a course from a phone as it is from a desktop.

A user-friendly booking process also means fewer incomplete bookings and fewer support requests.

Manage organisations with multiple delegates

Organisations can use Coursedate to book multiple delegates onto the same course.

All those learners/delegates get the same booking reference - making it easier for you to find them. Coursedate also collects learner/delegate email addresses and names - so you can contact them with further course information.

The Organisation page shows you the full history of an organisation's bookings and enquiries.

Organisation management screen in Coursedate
Capture and track learner enquiries screen

Capture and track learner enquiries

Collect course enquiries with Coursedate and build a more complete picture of learner preferences and course popularity.

Encourage learners to submit enquiries through Coursedate - so you store more consistent data in one place.

As course admin, you also get an email alert when someone makes an enquiry about one of your courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a course in the course directory has reached capacity?

You can either set the course to disappear from the directory when the course is full or you can keep it in the directory, but only accept enquiries about future runs of the course. You can also optionally allow admins to over book on a course - so you can accept more learners on a popular course.

Can organisations use Coursedate to book their staff onto my courses?

Yes they can. Coursedate works with individual bookings or group/multiple delegate bookings. A person at an organisation can book onto a course. Alternatively, they could book a group of colleagues onto the same course.

Coursedate records who made the booking and who the delegates are - you can quickly find all the learners that belong to the same organisation booking.

Can our course admins book courses on behalf of learners?

Yes, you and your team can also make bookings - individuals and groups. So you can take enquiries by phone or email and then book on behalf of the learner or organisation.

How do we use social media to increase course bookings?

The booking form is optimised for sharing across social media. You can Tweet or share on Facebook/LinkedIn. The booking form is designed so that users see a preview image in their social media feed. They click the link and go directly to the form.

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An online demo is a quick way to find out how Coursedate can increase your course bookings and streamline your admin.

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