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How to publish and promote your courses with Coursedate
Tips for creating and publishing courses in Coursedate

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Course pages that encourage learner engagement

Use Coursedate to create course pages that tell learners everything they need to know before they book on your course.

The course page design encourages learners to stay on the page, engage with the content and then take a clearly signposted next step.

Coursedate also automatically shows what's popular and alternative or similar courses from your course directory.

Custom course categories to enable better searching

Tag your courses with your categories so learners can find courses quickly.

Coursedate's advanced free text searching also maximises course visibility.

Search terms are automatically logged - so you can see what people are looking for when they visit your course directory.

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Leverage Coursedate's responsive, mobile friendly design

Most people - all age groups - will use mobile phones to browse your course directory.

Coursedate has a modern, responsive design - it automatically scales to work on all screen sizes.

Learners can browse the directory, view a course and make a booking (or enquiry) all from a phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a course is full?

You can either set the course to disappear from the directory when the course is full or you can keep it in the directory, but only accept enquiries about future runs of the course. You can also optionally allow admins to overbook on a course - so you can accept more learners on a popular course.

How do I integrate the course directory with our website?

We've developed several widgets that you - or your website developer- can include in your training company/course provider website. They are small chunks of code - you copy and paste them into your website - that pull in courses from your directory.

How long does it take to get a course ready for publication in the directory?

Not long if you've already got the course description - text about the course content, sesssions and outcomes. Writing that description is the biggest part of publishing a course.

We also recommend that each course in the directory has an associated image. That makes the course much more engaging.

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