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Write and format course pages that engage learners. Coursedate's simple, but powerful tools make it easy to publish informative course descriptions that maximise course bookings and enquiries.

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Reach more learners with Coursedate

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Build your course overview page

It doesn't take long to publish a course in the directory.

Coursedate allows you to add standard information like a title, category, and a short description.

Your course image is also important - it's displayed to learners in the short course summary that is shown in the directory. Courses with attractive images get more course views.

Add information including venues, cost and total places

Optionally set a start date - or make the course flexible.

Include a venue - you can set up venues in the Settings screen. You create your own course codes - later you can search for bookings by course code.

The Full Description is important. It's your chance to really promote your course. You can format the text you enter with Markdown - a simple, but powerful formatting system widely used on the web.

Learner page showing enrolment and enquiry history
Learner page showing enrolment and enquiry history

Schedule individual course sessions

Coursedate allows you to add individual sessions to your course page, so learners know timings and other details.

Sessions are optional, but they are useful for more complex courses that last longer than one day.

When you copy a course - to create a new run or instance - the sessions are also copied to the new course.

Coursedate suggests similar courses from your directory

Sometimes the course isn't quite what the learner is looking for. Just like Amazon product pages, Coursedate suggests alternatives.

Learners see other versions - different start dates perhaps - of the same course.

Coursedate also shows You might also like these courses and These courses are popular right now sections below your course description.

Learner page showing enrolment and enquiry history

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set multiple prices for a course?

Yes, you can have multiple prices. So for example, you could have a discounted rate that applies when enrols on more than one course.

Can I keep a course in the directory after it has reached capacity?

There's a checkbox on the Course page - Allow Enquiries. Tick this and a course will stay in the directory even after it is full. People can continue to register interest - you can update them when you run the course again.

We offer courses at different locations. How do we set that up in Coursedate?

You add venues in the Settings screen. You can then set the venue when you create the course. You can also indicate that the course is online or that a venue is to be arranged.

Is there a fast way to create new versions of a course?

Use the Copy Course button at the bottom of the Course page. Everything - costs, description, image etc. - is copied to a new instance of the course. You are then prompted to change the start date. You now have a new instance or version of the course.

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