5 ways an online course booking system could benefit your organisation

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An online course booking system is a great way to promote your courses, find more learners, handle enquiries and take enrolments. There are good reasons why even a smaller course or training provider should think about switching to an online booking system.

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  1. Built-in content management tools make it easier to publish and promote your courses.

    With a booking system like Coursedate you can save courses as draft, publish when ready and update course descriptions on the fly. Copying courses is also fast - that is a significant time saver when you run the same course more than once. With Coursedate you can copy a course, update the course description and set a new start date.

  2. The user experience is streamlined and is designed to encourage course browsing, enquiries and bookings.

    A good course booking system can be integrated with your primary website, but users are transferred to the booking system when they click on a course. And as soon as they show interest in one course, you can show them other similar courses - this Amazon style 'You might also be interested in....' feature encourages users to stick around and browse.

  3. Communication with with course delegates is easier. Important notices and updates can be sent out in bulk to class/course lists. Routine updates like reminders about course start dates can be sent out automatically - another time saver.

  4. A course booking system like Coursedate encourages you to become data savvy - the database behind the online course booking system becomes a source of marketing intelligence. You start to build your own student customer relationship management (CRM) database.

    A modern system like Coursedate comes with course analytics - charts, tables and graphs that give you a picture of visitor activity. What courses and categories get most views? Why do some course views not convert to actual bookings? Simple analysis of visitor activity can provide valuable insights that you can use to optimize your course/training offer.

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  5. It scales as your business grows. This matters if you're a smaller course or training provider with ambitions to grow. It can be hard to switch from a well established spreadsheet based system to an online course booking system. Switching earlier is easier.

    There's no software to install with a modern cloud based system and you don't need to worry about system performance as user activity goes up.

A course booking system will transform your business - it will cut your admin time, put you in control of key data and connect you with more learners.

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