You can now track learner attendance on courses with Coursedate

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Coursedate now comes with attendance tracking. Admins and course tutors can optionally decide to record learner attendance on courses - particularly important for training and course providers that are delivering accredited training.

course instances

Recording attendance is quick. You can either do it at the start of a session - it only takes a few seconds - or you can do it afterwards. As you would expect, you click once to mark all learners present and then untick the ones who are absent.

Attendance tracking is a new feature - a good example of the kind of small incremental improvements we make to Coursedate in response to customer feedback. Many training providers use paper to record attendance and then transfer information to spreadsheets. There is no need to do that with Coursedate - attendance tracking is another Coursedate feature that saves admin time by reducing the need for spreadsheets.

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