7 Coursedate benefits for schools and academies that want to develop their own teacher CPD offer

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Coursedate is a great platform for schools and academies that develop and deliver CPD programmes for teachers. It is very easy to use and has features that work well in a school or multi-academy trust context. Most important of all, it streamlines data management so CPD leaders and coordinators have more time to focus on development and improvement of high impact CPD programmes.

What are the benefits of Coursedate?

1. Build a professional looking course directory and showcase your CPD offer to colleagues

CPD courses in Coursedate

  • You build your own course directory. We’ve made it as easy as possible to create and publish an engaging course page in your directory.
  • You have control over how your course directory looks - you can and text and photos. You can also create courses that include links to online webinars and MS Teams events.
  • Courses also look great on mobile phones. Colleagues can browse your courses and then book - all on a mobile phone.

2. Organise courses into extended high impact CPD programmes or pathways.

Research evidence suggests CPD is more effective when sequences of related courses are organised in longer duration programmes.

CPD programmes in Coursedate

  • It only takes a few minutes to set up your programmes or pathways as custom categories in Coursedate
  • Learners - your colleagues - can then search for courses by programme.
  • You can track course interest and attendance by programme or pathway.

3. Make it quick and easy for colleagues to choose and book onto a course.

  • It takes only a minute for a learner - in you caser a teacher - to book on a course
  • They get a confirmation email that includes a calendar notification of the date and start time.
  • The email also includes a link to the course if the course is online.

4. Open up your CPD course offer to external organisations and teachers

Your Coursedate CPD directory is on the web. There’s no reason why you can’t take bookings - if you want to - from outside organisations, teachers and schools.

5. Track and understand CPD uptake across schools in a multi-academy trust

  • You can set up your schools in Coursedate as separate organisations
  • You can then view teachers and course bookings by school - you can quickly see which courses are popular (or not) with teachers in different schools
  • Insights into CPD takeup within different schools can be used to refine and improve your CPD offer.

6. Use Coursedate’s built in charts to understand what’s popular

Course views chart in Coursedate

  • Coursedate comes with simple, interactive charts that tell you how often courses are viewed, how many bookings you’ve got and how enquiries you have for each course.
  • You can compare courses at a glance, spot trends over time and identify courses that get fewer views in the directory.

7. Export data into tools like Microsoft Power BI and measure impact

  • Power BI is a great way to build interactive reports and dashboards that you can then share with colleagues.
  • You can download data from Coursedate about your learners, the schools they belong to and the courses they choose.
  • The data you download can then be imported into Power BI and used to build reports that give you and your colleagues valuable insights into the impact of your CPD offer.


Speed and simplicity are important Coursedate design principles. It’s very easy to create and publish courses, look at activity by school and see an individual learner’s course history. Coursedate will save you time - you spend less time managing data in spreadsheets. And the data you collect is accessible. You have more time to develop and improve your courses.

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