Insights and online course ideas from the Salesforce Trailhead learning platform

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Trailhead is the Salesforce resource and learning website. It's a big collection of learning modules, videos, careers advice and other resources. Trailhead is worth looking at if you're searching for new online course ideas - Salesforce have worked hard to create what is arguably a showcase of online learning best practice.

trailhead learning platform

At a top level, Trailhead is organised into:

  1. Modules, resources and learning pathways.
  2. Credentials.
  3. Communities.
  4. Resources for companies.

Look & feel is a significant part of the Trailhead experience. The images, graphics and language on the Trailhead site all work together to create an informal online learning experience. Learners are even called Trailblazers. There are plenty of in-depth technical resources on the Trailhead site, but Salesforce have made it as friendly and accessible as possible.

Here's a list of some of the interesting features in the different parts of the Trailhead site.

  1. Modules.

    trailhead modules

    Bite-size learning. Specific topics. Most are between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Modules are then broken down into shorter 10 minute chunks.

    Smart Idea - Online learning can be hard. Focused 10 minute chunks of learning reduce dropout rates.

  2. Trails.

    Longer sequences of modules. Trails are guided learning paths. Several hours long.

    Smart idea - Make the route through your modules to specific skill sets as short and as clear as possible.

  3. Trailmixes.

    Custom learning paths that you can build yourself. You can also share your Trailmixes with colleagues - so you could design a Trailmix for your team.

    Smart Idea - Encourage learners to share their favourite learning experiences with a wider audience.

  4. Career Paths.

    Advice on 9 different Salesforce related careers including information about potential earnings. A dedicated page for each career includes tips on what skills recruiters are looking for and a curated learning path that gives you the skills you need for your chosen career.

    Smart Idea - Be really up front about learning outcomes. Strengthen the link between learning and real world career opportunities.

  5. Superbadges.

    Skills based credentials that you collect as you work through learning paths and modules. Collections on Superbadges are called Super Sets.

    Trailhead badges

    For example, you complete the App Builder Super Set when you've collected the following Superbadges:

    • App Customization Specialist
    • Process Automation Specialist
    • Security Specialist

    Smart Idea - Badges are fun and there's no reason why they can't be added to CVs.

    Trailhead badges

  6. Certification.

    More formal qualifications that are externally administered - you sit an exam at an external testing centre. Again, there's a clear link between certification and Salesforce job roles.

    Smart Idea - verifiable qualifications strengthen your brand and are valued by both learners and employers.

  7. Community.

    Online learning can be lonely, but Salesforce encourages you to reach out and connect with fellow Salesforce enthusiasts. There's a feed of questions and responses from fellow Trailblazers, community groups and both local and online events.

    Smart Idea - online collaboration/communities are a good way to keep remote learners motivated.


There are some great ideas in Trailhead. Salesforce has invested heavily in Trailhead and while you might not have a Salesforce sized online learning budget, you will almost certainly find something in Trailhead that you can use as inspiration for your own online learning platform.

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