Online course delivery platforms for training providers

Many training providers want to sell and deliver courses online. One big decision they have to make is the choice of technology platform. How do you create online courses, publish them online and then give access to learners (or the staff of client organisations) based on some kind of payment or subscription model?

There are now plenty of online platforms to choose from. Most are completely cloud based and require little technical expertise from the training provider. Many will include content creation tools, templates for course websites and the back end support you need to process online payments.

Here are 4 systems - all slightly different - that will give you an idea of what is available.

  1. Teachable
    Build and sell courses online. Tools include templates for course pages, content authoring course completion certificates and online payments. Fees - 3 tiers. ‘Professional’ plan is $99/month. The trainer pays the monthly fee.

  2. Skill Share
    Skill Share
    Looks similar to Teachable at first glance, but is actually a different business model. Learners pay a monthly subscription and trainers/teachers are paid royalties when their content is viewed.

  3. Thinkific
    Similar to Teachable. An online platform with all the tools you need to design and promote courses. ‘Pro’ account is $99/month. The ‘Professional’ account is $499/month and gives the tools you and your team need to build online programmes at scale.

  4. Udemy
    Udemy’s another platform that connects trainers with learners. Creating and uploading courses to Udemy is free. Trainers are paid a revenue share when a learner buys a course. The % revenue share depends on how the learner found the course - 97% if the trainer found the learner, 25% if the learner came to the course through one of Udemy’s paid acquisition channels.

The online course industry is growing - more and more students are studying online. The number of different online platforms has also grown and choosing the right platform may seem difficult. The good news is that many of the new systems are very focused on the needs of commercial training providers. The job is to find a system that is a good match with your preferred business model.