Why university short course providers should use Coursedate to promote courses and increase enrolments

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Coursedate makes it easier for university short course providers to reach a wider audience, increase course enrolments and streamline back office admin. It is a great solution for university departments that are looking for more control over how they publish and promote the continuing professional development courses they run alongside their main degree programmes.

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Build your course catalog

The first step in Coursedate to build and publish your course catalog. Coursedate gives you the tools you need to quickly create attractive course overview pages. Coursedate's intelligent free text searching, tags and your own custom categories then make it super easy for learners to browse your catalog, find the courses that interest them and enrol.

Leverage social media

Coursedate encourages you to extend the reach of your course catalog by leveraging social media. The smart thing to do is to put Coursedate at the centre of a wider social media strategy that funnels in potential learners from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Coursedate is optimised for social media - learners are encouraged to share course pages when they enrol and posts are automatically formatted.

Save time on admin

Cutting down on routine course admin was an important design goal during the development of Coursedate. There are several intuitive features in Coursedate that will save you time. You can fast copy courses, bulk enrol learners and Coursedate's admin dashboard will keep you up to speed with its real time snapshot of what is happening across all your courses. Coursedate's scheduling features will auto hide a fully booked course in the catalog or you can choose to leave it open and just take enquiries about future dates.

Turn insights into results

Coursedate's built in reports and dashboards give you an overview of visitor engagement with your course catalog. You can analyse data about course views, see popular search terms and compare enrolment rates to build a better picture of what your target audience is really interested in.

Coursedate is also integrated with Google Analytics. With a custom view of your data in Google Analytics you get even more in-depth insights into the browsing behaviour of people who visit your course catalog.

Run a successful short course programme

Coursedate puts you in control of how you promote your short courses and enrol learners. You can be more strategic - your focus shifts from time spent on routine admin to working in a more proactive way with the insights you get from Coursedate's reports and dashboards.

Getting started with Coursedate is super fast. Sign-up takes just a few minutes and most admin users require little or no training.

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