Training providers on YouTube - 4 good examples reviewed

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The number of people who use YouTube is astonishing. Almost 5 billion videos are watched every day, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute and the total number of YouTube users is around 1.3 billion.

YouTube is now the 2nd most visited website in the world. Many of the videos on YouTube are training courses, tutorials and short lessons. For many people YouTube has become the first place they go when they want to learn a new skill - YouTube is the biggest online training platform in the world.

We thought it would be useful to look at 4 examples of training provider type content on YouTube. These are YouTube channels that show you what you can do if you are thinking about how to use video as part of your wider training offer.

  1. Knowledge Train

    Knowledge Train

    Knowledge Train is a London based training provider. One thing that stands out - videos that explain technical content or concepts get more views. So for Knowledge Train, it's their Prince2 concepts explained videos that get watched the most - probably because they're found in Google searches. Over half a million views and almost 2.5k subscribers.

  2. Randstad UK

    Randstad UK

    Randstad is an HR services organisation and many of the videos on the Randstad YouTube channel are training related. Videos are organised by theme. For example, a 'How To' career advice section with videos on interview preparation and CV building. Again, it's the 'How To' type videos that get most views. Almost 1m views.

  3. Marginal Revolution University

    Marginal Revolution University

    Marginal Revolution is different because it's an online university - the content is more academic. Again videos are organised into topics. The content can be complex, but the videos are short and the format works because a lot of thought has gone into how course material is broken down into topics and videos. Over 26m views.

  4. Simon Sez IT

    Simon Sez IT

    Simon Sez IT is a US based IT training company. The videos on the Simon Sez IT channel are super focused - the videos are training for common office desktop applications. Again, the lesson is the same - 'How To' videos get watched more often. 37.5m views.

Spend some time on YouTube. Look for videos from organizations like your own and get a feel for what works. Creating content, building a channel and growing an audience will take time, but video is now easy to create and it has become the number one way to share good quality training online.

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