How training companies can use Coursedate to improve customer relationship management

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Coursedate is a great CRM solution for any training or course provider that wants to use the data it collects to improve the way it engages with client organisations and learners.

Data entry screens are optimised for ease of use, reporting is intuitive and there are various ways to view a client organisation or individual learner’s course history to get a complete picture of their engagement with you.

The benefits of using Coursedate when you’re trying to improve the way you engage with clients and learners include:

Faster responses to enquiries about courses

We encourage learners to make enquiries through Coursedate. New learners have to register to create an account - it takes less than a minute - before they can then submit an enquiry about a particular course.

This is good for you because:

  • You see enquiries in Coursedate - it is then very easy to filter by Course, read enquiries and then respond. Because you’re already in Coursedate, you can look at a learner’s course and enquiry history;

  • At a glance you can see how many enquiries are coming in for each course;

  • You’re already building a searchable database of people who may be interested in your courses.

A simple overview of a client organisation’s course booking & enquiry history

Respond more quickly and have more information to hand because the organisation overview page shows you the booking and enquiry history.

It is one click from the organisation overview screen to a list of the organisation’s learners. You can tell clients about the courses their learners attend. You can also tell them about individual learners - courses they have completed, courses they have booked and other courses they may be interested in..

Filter learners by course and download contact details for email marketing campaigns

Use Coursedate’s simple, but powerful search and filter functionality to create lists of learners who may be interested in a new course offer.

You can then target existing learners with more relevant and personalised communication.

Use Coursedate’s simple charts to see course popularity at a glance and use insights to design new courses

Coursedate includes some interactive charts that neatly summarise engagement over time with courses. Other screens let download data in CSV format for further in-depth analysis, but the charts give you that quick overview - useful for generating new course ideas that you can then market to subsets of your clients and learners.

Targeted market of courses that you have designed to be a better fit with learner needs is a good example of improved customer relationship management.

Integrate Coursedate with your website to give clients and learners a more joined up course search & booking experience

It’s very easy to embed your course directory in your website - 3 lines of simple html code - you can either do it yourself or ask your website developer.

Visitors to your website can then browse through your courses without leaving your site. Clicking on View Details takes them into the course page on Coursedate where they find out more information, make an enquiry or book on a course.

Quickly view an individual learner’s course enrolment history and use it to suggest new courses that may be of interest

The Coursedate learner page shows you everything you need to know about an individual learner’s previous engagement with you and your courses. It takes just a second to find a learner - search by name or email address. You have information at your fingertips when you need to respond quickly to an email or phone enquiry.

Leverage Coursedate’s mobile friendly design and promote new courses on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn

Coursedate is optimised to work well on mobile - some of our training providers get most of their bookings through mobile devices. Course pages are also optimised for social media. For example, posts on Facebook or Twitter show the accompanying course image.

We think a lot of course providers underestimate the potential of social media to generate new course revenue. It may not work for your target market, but social media (choose the right platform) is a great way to have a dialogue with learners, build relationships and promote new courses that may interest them.


Coursedate is a simple, but very effective customer relationship management system for training companies and other course providers.

We’ve designed Coursedate’s data entry screens, intuitive reporting and simple analytics so they all work together to help you collect and manage information about your courses, clients and bookings.

You can then use that data to answer customer enquiries, run email marketing campaigns and generate ideas for new courses.

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