The bluffer’s guide to marketing your training courses with a Facebook page

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You are missing a trick if you are not using social media to promote your training business.

Social media is a fast and inexpensive way to connect directly with your target audience and eventually recruit more learners. With a bit of content creativity and a bit of effort, you can build a relationship with a loyal group of followers who will then provide a steady stream of repeat business.

A Facebook page is a good place to start, particularly if you have limited social media bandwidth. Here some reasons why you should think about a Facebook page for your training business:

  1. A Facebook page is free. It is a digital shop front that comes with a bunch of free tools that make it easier to target an audience and find new customers.

  2. The page can include the standard stuff about opening times and services.

  3. You post to page (a bit like posting to a personal Facebook timeline). It is a great way to share stories and photographs about your business and the courses you run.

  4. Messaging is built in and you can use tools like Events and Appoints to make more connections with your target audience.

What makes a good Facebook page? Here are some tips.

  1. Plan ahead. Create a social media calendar so you know what to do next. The hardest thing is generating new ideas for posts. Put slots in the calendar for generating ideas, completing initial drafts and scheduling posts.

  2. Post more than once a week and less than twice a day.

  3. Think very carefully about the target audience. It's reasonable to pitch the Facebook page at just one part of your wider market.

  4. Remember, people who follow your Facebook page will see your posts alongside posts from their friends and family. You need a relaxed, informal style.

  5. Experiment with slightly types of post - see what gets the most engagement. Remember you have to add content that has value for your audience. Why are they following you? Are you providing special offers, advice or updates on recent courses?

  6. Set a modest budget and consider using Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads you target particular groups within your audience - groups based on things like age, gender and interests.

You should also spend some time reading Facebook's support materials. The case studies will give you ideas and there is advice about how to boost posts, encourage more engagement and drive traffic through to your company website or course booking system.

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