How Coursedate will help you streamline your training course admin

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Coursedate works particularly well for training and course providers that want to replace a spreadsheet based back-office system with a modern, easy-to-use and secure training management system.

We’ve designed Coursedate in a way that makes the transition from spreadsheets to a training management system as simple as possible - most Coursedate users don’t require any training. Our core focus on user experience means navigation around the application is intuitive, online forms are optimised for fast data entry and key overview screens give you an up-to-date view of activity across courses, enquiries and bookings.

Some of the features in Coursedate that will simplify your day-to-day training admin and save you time include:

1. The course admin dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see when you login to Coursedate. It gives you a quick overview of activity on the courses that are currently published in your course directory.

2. Bookings overview page

A single list of all your bookings. Easily filterable/searchable. You see all your bookings in one place.

3. Copying courses to create new instances

This is a big time saver for training and course providers that run multiple instances of the same course. Simply copy the current course. Change the course code if you want to create a completely separate copy. Keep the same course code as the parent if you are creating another instance of the same course.

4. Set courses to auto hide when bookings are at capacity

Another time saver. Fully booked courses (bookings = capacity) can be automatically withdrawn from your course directory. Alternatively, you can keep in the directory for enquiries only - learners may want to ask about future instances of the course.

5. Organisations and learners can self-book via the web

Encourage as many organisations and learners as possible to self-book.

6. Organisation overview page

See all the organisations you work with, their total learners, bookings and enquiries. It’s only one click from here to a filtered, detailed view of their bookings etc.

7. CSV downloads on key screens

These can be filtered before download so you can do offline analysis of data and export data like contact lists in other systems.


We will keep our focus on usability as we continue to add new features to Coursedate over the coming months. Coursedate will continue to be a great solution for training organisations that want to replace spreadsheets with a powerful, easy-to-use training management system.

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