Coursedate’s new calendar feature makes it even easier for learners to find your courses

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Coursedate now has a simple calendar view of upcoming courses.

That’s different from the default course directory page because the calendar view only shows upcoming courses in date order. The original view is still there and it is easy for visitors to your course directory to switch between the two views.

Filters at the top of the calendar view allow users to narrow courses by category, venues or custom search terms.

Calendar in Coursedate

The calendar view doesn’t show old courses, but it does show future courses that are fully booked and still open for enquiries - because clients & learners might want to ask about future runs of a course.

Why create a simple calendar view?

It’s a small, but very useful feature for training and other course providers that use Couresdate to promote courses and take course bookings online. It doesn't complicate the end user experience - that’s really important - and it provides a simple solution to a common user scenario.

A learner - maybe one of your client’s employees - is looking for a last minute CPD course and wants to know what’s coming up in the next 4 weeks. The calendar is the easy way to do it - the learner can scroll down a date ordered list of upcoming courses and see at a glance course availability, venue and topic/category. A link then takes them to the full course details page where they can make a booking or enquiry.

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